New Gold Mountain

PHOTO: New Gold Mountain

New Gold Mountain gets its name from the infamous Victorian gold rush of the early 1850’s.

By 1851, droves of those struck by “gold fever” fled their homes for mines in country Victoria to uncover golden nuggets that were rumoured to be hidden in the rocks. “Gam Saan,” or gold mountain, was the Chinese nickname given to America during its more recent gold rush and now Australia would be called the “new” gold mountain.

Little Bourke Street (Chinatown) had become a thriving base for Chinese entrepreneurs. Many setting up shops, restaurants, importing and wholesale businesses. Among those were “salubrious” enterprises which included opium dens, brothels and boarding houses located in small laneways similar to Liverpool Street.

New Gold Mountain harks back to the heydays of the great Victorian gold rush combining old world Shanghai in a modern opium-den-like interior. Our drinks are inspired by our history and a privileged location.

Designed by Melbourne architect & interior designer Cassandra Fahey.

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Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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New Gold Mountain
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